Monday, May 20, 2013

Do you need forgiveness ? A post about body image.

A few weeks ago, I was at a store with my mom and we were looking at pajamas. I touched a pair and imagined how soft they would feel on my tired body at the end of the day and my mom commented "Those look like they would be forgiving!" I stopped, looked at her, and asked "Do I need forgiveness?" It caught her off guard, and she just kind of shrugged it off. I don't think she expected me to say anything like that.

The thing is, I DON'T need forgiveness. I've decided I'm too busy living my life with my beautiful girls to obsess over my weight. I just simply don't have time. I am a strong, beautiful woman. We eat healthy, we are active, and that's good. This is good! Yes, I'm "plus size", but even at my lightest weight I felt disgusting. It makes me so sad to look back at 17 year old me and remember how awful I felt about my body.

I am choosing to live in today. This DAY, this is how I look and who I am, and I accept it, and I choose to love it. My girls deserve a mother who looks in the mirror and sees beauty and strength. They deserve to have an example set for them. Yes, I would love to have a firmer stomach, I'd love it if my arms looked as strong as they felt, I'd love to slip into a smaller dress size. But for now, this is me, and I choose to love me. I choose to set a positive example. I choose to teach these baby girls that their bodies are strong, their bodies are lovely, and their bodies are perfect. I don't think my mom has ever intentionally tried to say negative things about my body. I've also never seen her embrace her body or say something positive about her figure.

Our words have power. One negative comment can echo in your girl's mind for the rest of her life. Stop the cycle.

Babywearing in our Didy Orient wrap.

Just let it rock, girls! You are beautiful.  Own it. Love yourself. Don't let today hold you back.


  1. Ahhh I love this. I need to make this my mantra. "Do I need forgiveness?"

  2. Love that chest pass with your didy!! I need to learn to be this way but it is very hard!! I have 4 littles so I understand no time for yourself!