Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Vintage Honey Shop ~ Nursing Necklace Review

The Vintage Honey Shop is a place to buy handcrafted paper & fabric items. The owners of The Vintage Honey Shop are not only best friends, but sister-in-laws! Jennifer & Melissa make every handcrafted item with love and care! They will also do custom work for you!

I haven't done a review for awhile!  I am so excited to be sharing The Vintage Honey Shop with my readers~  These necklaces are totally adorable AND functional for your baby!  They are perfect for the teething baby who needs to chew on something safe.  They also make a great breastfeeding necklace for babies that like to play with something while they nurse.  I also love wearing these baby friendly necklaces when I babywear to distract baby from pulling my hair.


They make fabric teething necklaces with wooden rings and without wooden rings. Their work is gorgeous. There are TONS of fabric options, even some organic choices. Their necklaces are made so perfectly, they are *flawless*!  I don't even wear regular jewelry right now because my kids are so grabby.  These necklaces are perfect to give me a little style without sacrificing my necklace to the baby, plus they are GREAT for teething!

They also make some incredible paper goods like cupcake toppers and sweet little pinwheels!

My package came and it was wrapped all pretty.  That is special to me ~ The extra touch is lovely.  These would make a great gift and they are pre-wrapped!  (*wink*wink* to my friends and family reading this) My camera batteries were dead the day it came and I could. not. wait. to open it, thus the webcam photo.

Baby was as always, more than happy to get wrapped and chew on something!  She really went to town!  I have several teething necklaces, but none quite like this.  I think she likes it. :) 
Happy Baby = Happy Mama!

For anyone wondering, this is my size 4 Sustain.bow wrap, and the carry is a Double Hammock - my go-to back carry.


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