Friday, June 14, 2013

Another Garage Sale Post

Today's Garage Sale Haul!!

My best friend and I hit the streets again today.  We got awesome stuff!  I spent about $18 and got:

* a few tennis balls for my kiddos
* a travel booster seat -we needed an extra one
*a boogie board - we've been wanting one for our pool
*a set of hand bells -one is missing, but I didn't mind for $4! It will be a great addition to our instrument basket
* an almost new tray of rainbow pony beads
*a super cute tunic/dress for me
*2 mugs - one is Fiestaware and only cost me a dime- will be a great addition to our collection
*a handful of kid's clothes
*a gorgeous crochet blanket that will be great for my "mama corner"
*a pile of books - one is a book I had as a child and have been wishing I had for my kids!  Couldn't find it on Amazon, but found it at a rummage sale for a dime!


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