Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Valentine's Day Sensory Rice Bin

Our winter bin was a huge hit, and I've been looking forward to making a Valentine's one, too.  I'm also in the process of planning out future boxes, and I'm starting to watch for other fun, cheap items to stock up on.

I finally got around to putting it together last night.  I've been gathering items for it for a few weeks, we have just been SO BUSY.  It was about midnight last night when I finally got a chance to pull the winter stuff out, and assemble the Valentine's goodies.

Most of the items were bought at the dollar store, or on sale at Hobby Lobby.  Little heart boxes, necklaces, heart rings, heart shaped noise makers, cupcake erasers, felt hearts, cupcake buttons, heart cookie cutter set, heart buttons, and heart table scatter.  I forgot to take a photo after I mixed it all together.

My girls haven't even gotten to play with it yet.  Today was crazy here, plus my bigger girlie is a little under the weather, so she spent most of the day laying around.  I'm excited to show them tomorrow!  I do let my 12 month old play in it, she absolutely loves digging around in the rice, but I have to be RIGHT there, or the little bugger eats it.

Do you have any fun theme ideas for my future boxes ? 
Let me know your ideas!

Do you make sensory bins for your kiddos ?  I'd love to see them.


  1. What a great idea! I'm pinning this now and checkin g out your first post. :)