Monday, February 11, 2013

*CLOSED*Busy Spinning Thread Nursing Cover review and giveaway

Jessica Y was the winner!  She has been notified via email.

About Busy Spinning Thread :
 "I'm a wife and mom. I wear spit up, wipe tears, fix lunches, kiss him good-bye and sing them to sleep. There are some days that I never get out of my pajamas. I suppose in a lot of ways I'm just like you. I encourage you to see beauty in the mundane. Your husband as a gift. Your children as blessings.
When thinking about my family and how to get by in this economy, I was lead to Proverbs 31. A story of a woman who works diligently for her family in every aspect of her life. She also does a good bit of sewing. Her hands are "busy spinning thread."
I reopened my shop in late October 2012. I absolutely love to design-create-and make- and in a lot of ways it allows me to relate to myself as an individual- it helps me feel like ME aside from the daily calling of caring and serving my husband and children. My most favorite time to create is at night when everyone is asleep. I put on my favorite album and dance and sing and create away- I can guarantee you your order was made with love and care :)
My husband and I are in the process of saving money to buy land 100% down in hopes to build one of my husband's shipping container home designs for quality living at a cheaper cost. Busyspinningthread is my contribution to this dream while mothering two kiddos at home."

Here are some things you will find in her shop :  

Classic Nursing Ponchos
Nursing Necklaces
Modern Necklaces
Chameleon Nursing Covers - 2 covers in one
and MORE!

  LOVE these nursing necklaces!!

I don't usually cover when I nurse, but when Busy Spinning Thread contacted me about a review, I thought it would be nice to try one out.  

 (borrowing her photo)
There have been several times in the past few months when I *wished* I had a nice cover.  I was at a funeral a few months ago, and it would have been great to have a cover when I had to nurse in the middle of the service.  I also think it's going to be great this summer when I'm wearing tank tops, dresses and my swimsuit and don't have my usual cami/tee shirt combo to nurse discreetly.

I chose the Modern Poncho style in this fun flower print.  The fabric is soft and stretchy.  Very snuggly.  It comes in a matching pouch that it folds up into- it's really compact and easy to carry with you.

We played some peek-a-boo.  She liked the little tent!  She won't go for a blanket covering her up, but this cover was thin and soft enough for her.  She liked seeing mama's face peeking in at her.

 I like it pulled back like this so I can still have coverage and see her face while she nurses.

 She pulled it over her own face, so adorable.  I think she approves.
Happy Mama and Babe!!


Busy Spinning Thread wants to give one of YOU a nursing cover in your choice of color/print!

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