Monday, February 18, 2013

A Blessingway for a friend...

One of my dear friends is expecting a new baby girl any day now.  A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of hosting a small Blessingway to honor her.  We had a wonderful time!
 I love birth and babies, and this is my new favorite way to love on expecting mothers.

Chai Tea Cupcakes -  An idea from Pinterest.  I  just added chai spices to vanilla cake and used chai tea instead of water in the mix.  I also added chai spices to the buttercream frosting.  They were incredible! 

I braided her hair and gave her a pedicure.  We did sparkly pink polish to honor her baby girl.

We also each brought several beautiful beads and made her a Prayer Necklace.  I'm bummed that we didn't get any photos of it being made, or the finished necklace.

My favorite part!  Henna!!  This was my first time using Henna, and I think it went pretty well!  Next time I'll get something with a smaller applicator so it will dry faster and I can do more detailed designs.

The funniest part of the night was putting saran wrap around her belly because the henna wasn't dry yet and she had to get her older kiddo from the baby sitter by a certain time.

Have you ever been to a Blessingway ?  Do you have any neat ideas for me to incorporate into the next one I host ?


  1. I would love a blessing way .. I think I had one without the prayer necklace.

  2. P.s such a lovely day, I love the henna too x

  3. I've never been but I want to, and I want one for my next baby!
    It is a time to pamper the mother, tell the beautiful stories that bring comfort and assurance,and a time to cover the mother in prayer and begin a prayer vigil of sorts that wont stop until baby and mommy are both safe on the other side of birth.
    It looks like you've done a beautiful job!
    If you have a lot of bakers have mommas bring dishes and lactation cookies to be frozen! Write down prayers, letters, and thoughts in a journal for the baby to read when old enough.
    Perhaps do a henna mark on the hands of the women as a reminder to pray health, growth, and protection over mama and baby.

  4. That sounds like a sweet celebration. What a blessing it must have been for Mama to Be.