Thursday, August 16, 2012

A little off topic : Birchbox

Makeup/Beauty is a little off topic for my blog, but I'm trying to extend past only having giveaways and share some more of me with you all.   I am a makeup lover.   It's not very crunchy of me, I admit..  ;)  I also color my hair, as long as I'm confessing some of my un-crunchy-ness!

I first heard about Birchbox a few months ago, and wasn't sure if I'd be into it.  I forgot about it until a few friends subscribed and were showing me the awesome goodies they were getting in their boxes!

It's $10 a month and when you sign up you fill out a brief survey with your beauty style, age, hair type, etc.

I signed up 3 months ago, and I have been loving getting a little treat in the mail every month.  Every box I've gotten so far has had an awesome full size product + about 5 samples.  One month I even got a super cute set of neon ear buds in my box.  I've been super happy with it, and I think I'm going to stay subscribed for awhile.  It's such a fun little pick-me-up for mama every month!

I love it because I always WANT to splurge on new beauty products here and there, but I look online or walk through Sephora, and I just can't choose something, PLUS I get sticker shock!  The full size products I've gotten in my Birchbox each month have been worth way more than $10 themselves, and the samples are like an awesome bonus!  The first month, my full size product was a fun teal eyeliner, and the second month I got a tube of mascara- things I use daily!

My August box.  A shaver, 2 samples of nail polish remover wipes, a perfume sample, a full size lip tint, ($18 value!) and stick on eyeliner stickers ($13 value! These are weird, but kinda neat!).  It also has a little "Beauty School" pamphlet with some fun tips and tricks.  To be honest, this month wasn't my favorite box, but I'm still super happy with what I got. 

Here's what I think of the few things that I've tried from it already :

A goofy picture of me sporting the eyeliner stickers and
 lip tint.  I'm pretty good with liquid eyeliner, so I'm not sure if I'd actually buy the stickers or not. They are fun to try, though!  The first set I tried didn't go on very well, so I tried again and got it.  They were a little uncomfortable at first, but after about a half hour I'm getting used to the feeling.  I think they'd be AWESOME for dance.  I've done makeup for dance productions before, and it's always hard to get a nice, smooth line on kiddos.  These would be super easy to apply backstage.

The lip tint is nice.  I love the color.  I've actually been wanting a nice, neutral lip color, but just hadn't found the perfect one yet.

The shaver was nice.  It inspired me to shave my legs.  My husband will be happy.  HA!

I'm already excited for next month's box!!

Post contains referral links.  If I get a few referrals, I MIGHT self sponsor a Birchbox giveaway, just for fun!  :)  This unofficial review was not sponsored by Birchbox.  I just wanted to share something fun with you all!


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