Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another post about how much I love cloth pads...

I was hanging out with a friend today, we had just eaten lunch and we were driving back to her house. Out of NOWHERE she says "So, sorry if you do this, buuuut" (insert Dibs panicking here- I had no idea where this was going) "I think it's gross that Sally Stitches reuses all of her pads" Sally is a mutual friend of ours, and my friend had read her blog post about mama pads.

I just giggled and told her that yes, I do use them and I LOVE them. I reminded her that I am kind of a crazy hippie and told her how awesome my periods are since I've switched. I told her a little bit about how the chemicals in disposable products can affect your body, and how tampons leave behind bits of icky stuff. I told her all about my menstrual cups and how pretty all of my pads are!

She just kind of pondered it a little bit and told me again how gross it was. We went about our day together, and I forgot about it. UNTIL a few hours later when I was at home, she sent me a text message that she had gone online and bought a Diva Cup AND some cloth pads!! I am excited to hear what she thinks about it, and I think it's hilarious that we "converted" her without even trying!


  1. HAHAHAHA This is a GREAT story.. :D thank you for sharing, as I have done the SAME thing to a few friends :)

  2. All right, I've been mulling your posts over for a while now, and you, Sally Stitches, and the Diaper Swappers mamas have officially convinced me. I'm off to research and purchase some mama cloth. Hehe. :)

  3. Does dubs sell cloth pads or cloth adult diapers?