Monday, March 24, 2014

Subscription Boxes : Citrus Lane and bluum - get them for 50% OFF!

I'm excited to share a new box that I discovered ~ bluum!!  I was able to get my first box for 50% off- so it was just over $12.  You can get it 50% off with this link!
I got it for our newest baby,  she is just over 5 weeks.  (birth story coming soon!) We got a Boppy bumblebee rattle, a super soft white onesie, a book with tips for stay at home moms, a Luna bar, and my favorite item- Hello Baby flashcards.  It's a ring of pictures to show baby.  We have been having a blast showing our newest addition the pictures and watching her react!  Awesome box for $12!  The retail value on this box is listed at $47 - Can't go wrong!

This month I got Citrus Lane, too.  They sent me a 50% off code and I couldn't resist. (you can use this link to get 50% off your first box!!)  I've gotten Citrus Lane 5 times and I always love it. The code brought my box to just $14.  |

I put in my almost 5 year old daughter's birthdate because her birthday is coming up and I wanted to start stashing some fun things for gifts.  I got a memory game, a fun little book with stickers to make your own story, a super neat car, and my favorite item- a little manicure set with files, a brush and some non toxic polish.  She is gonna LOVE it!  Also, not pictured, but for $2.75 I was able to use some credits and get her a little insulated lunch bag for taking snacks to the zoo all summer!

I also got Birchbox this month, but forgot to take pictures.  It wasn't a very fun month.  LOL


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