Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Birchbox Review!

Makeup/Beauty is a little off topic for my blog, but I'm trying to extend past only having giveaways and share some more of me with you all.   I am a makeup lover.   It's not very crunchy of me, I admit..  ;)  I also color my hair, as long as I'm confessing some of my un-crunchy-ness!

I've been getting Birchbox for about 6 months-  I have loved every month so far, and am planning to keep it coming.  It's $10 a month and when you sign up you fill out a brief survey with your beauty style, age, hair type, etc.

I have been loving getting a little treat in the mail every month- I SO look forward to it.   I've gotten tons of beauty samples, a nail file, pony tail holders, a razor, hair products, CHOCOLATE!!  It all comes in a cute cardboard box, wrapped up in pretty tissue paper and tied with little ribbons.  SUCH A TREAT!

I love it because I always WANT to splurge on new beauty products here and there, but I look online or walk through Sephora, and I just can't choose something,   The full size products I've gotten in my Birchbox each month have been worth way more than $10 themselves, and the samples are like an awesome bonus!  I've found some really great products that I never would have tried before.  I've also been forced to try new colors that I wouldn't normally pick, and have turned out to be some of my favorite things!

Some of the items even end up being all natural, organic, paraben free.  I think it's great that they try to get some things like that in the boxes.

This month I received : a perfume sample, a GORGEOUS peach blush, some really great lip balm, a nail file, and a pretty large sample of shampoo that I ended up loving!!

I'm already excited for next month's box!!

Post contains referral links.   This unofficial review was not sponsored by Birchbox.  I just wanted to share something fun with you all!


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