Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fancy Cloth Baby Review

 Welcome to FancyCloth!

Focusing on natural parenting products like our Fancy Cloth Baby line. We really try hard to create unique inspired products for the world to enjoy.

Ecofriendliness is what we are mostly about. We try to choose as many fabrics & materials that have the least affect on our earth. Hemp is our favorite.

I have a degree in fashion design and marketing. I have a need to create and I try to do it as beautifully as possible! I love making reusable cloth diapers, cute kids clothing. I also enjoy drafting patterns to offer to my fellow crafters!

I have three beautiful baby boys and a wonderful husband. We live in the historic city of Philadelphia.

Fancy Cloth Baby sent me one of her gorgeous Trio-Color Hemp Organic Fitted Diapers to try out.  She has 12 different color combos to choose from!  They are all gorgeous, but I just had to go with Malibu!
Check out this gorgeous diaper!  I love the three colors together.  You can't see in the photos, but the blue snaps have tiny dragonflies on them.  Such a sweet added touch!

(She also sent me a few unpaper towels for our homeschool room!)

It came with 2 inserts.  A large and a small.  They both snap into the cover, OR you can snap them together for maximum absorbancy.  I usually keep them snapped together - then my baby doesn't need a cover and I can enjoy the pretty pink.  The hemp is super duper soft and absorbent, so the wetness doesn't make it through to the outside, even after a few hours!

I do use a cover for over night.  This has been a great night time diaper for us!


Here is a shot of the great fit with just the small insert.  My baby is almost 9 months old and I'm guessing she's 15 or so pounds.

Trim fit.  I love this diaper.   Big sis sneaks a kiss~  Had to share it. :)

 Here is the fit with BOTH inserts.  It's still awesome!  Just a little fluffier!


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