Monday, December 6, 2010

*CLOSED*bunvelope Giveaway!

JULIA was our random winner! She has been notified via email!

The idea for the buti-bag company was started by Nicole Williams, now a WAHM ("work-at-home mom") to three very fiesty boys ). Just like many moms, her ideas come from needing or wanting something specific but not available in the marketplace.

The buti-bag company's first design brought to market, the PATENT PENDING bundle, was created after Nicole just couldn't find anything she liked. Once her baby became a toddler, and less "stuff" was needed, she wanted something of quality that could hold a few essentials. She also wanted a product which would have a functional life beyond baby/toddler-hood.

She took her ideas to her wonderful step-mom (Susan), who can literally sew anything, and the design of the bundle and the buti-bag company were created. Now, thanks to support from her family, and continual inspiration from her boys, Nicole has become an official mompreneur! As a side note, all buti-bag sewn products are proudly made in the USA.

I got to review a bunvelope, and I loved it! It has been so handy - I even used it today! We went out for several hours and I didn't want to carry my whole diaper bag through the busy mall. I was able to put a fresh diaper cover, a handful of wipes, and my wipes spray in it, and it fit into my purse perfectly! It made public diaper changing time very easy and convenient!

bunvelopes come in a dozen different prints, and they are all gorgeous! They come with a free pod wipes case.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a bunvelope of their choice! (they will ask for your top 3 favorites so they can be sure to have it in stock and ship fast!)!

This giveaway will be open until Monday, December 13th, and a winner will be randomly chosen and emailed.

To enter this giveaway, you just fill out the first 4 items on the form below! I made it very easy, because I know you are busy like I am! There are also several extra entry options you can choose to do!

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My bunvelope Review

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  1. This is so neat!!! Such a great ideas! I wish I thought of that=) I gotta come back a lil later & take a peek summor.. I didn't do ALL the extra entrys but did the required & a few extras..